How It Works

Xinc connects your Autotask and Xero accounts, keeping your invoices and payments synced automatically.

You can opt in to email notifications to keep up to date, and customize the sync so that you get everything into Xero right first time.


You just need to authorize your Autotask & Xero accounts, then set your start date - Xinc can start picking up your invoices immediately.



To tune the sync to your needs, you can:

  • Map account codes & branding themes
  • Choose Xero or Autotask invoice numbers
  • Post invoices to Xero as Draft or Approved
  • Toggle zero value items & invoices



Once you're on board, Xinc will automatically check for any new invoices and sync them from Autotask to Xero.


Check out our pricing or sign up for one month free to start syncing with Xinc.

If you've got more questions please get in touch and we'll be happy to help!